Introduction to the Chancey Design Partnership Management Team 

Walton H. Chancey, AIA, LEED AP 

Sr. Managing Partner wchancey@chanceydesign.com

Walton H. Chancey is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner for Chancey Design Partnership (CDP). He oversees most projects currently ongoing in the office. In his personal life and his business pursuits, Walt adheres to the same philosophy, “Work hard, work happy, and live every day with passion.”


For 30 years, Walt has been directly responsible for multi-family, mixed-use and commercial developments, hospitality projects, signature single-family residences, health care work and senior living projects. Walt is a LEED® AP and promotes sustainable design in all CDP’s projects. Walt’s focus is always on the client’s needs.


As President of Gulf Coastal Development, Inc. (GCDI), a company currently developing senior living and multi-family projects, custom homes and mixed-use projects, he knows firsthand what his clients are looking for. As a result, the expertise he brings to the first meeting with a new client goes well beyond the basic sticks and bricks, to marketing, sales and creative financing options necessary for success.


In addition to GCDI, Walt is also a Managing Partner of Chancey Interior Design, the award-winning sister firm of CDP.  Walt is a Cum Laude graduate of Auburn University. He is a registered Architect in the states of Florida, Alabama, District of Columbia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Colorado and Idaho.

Meet the management of Chancey Design Partnership. Since 1989, we have grown and evolved into a partnership that is structured for internal efficiency and one which more effectively serves our clients. The partners listed below are responsible for project management as well. If you would like to speak with any of them regarding an existing project, discuss a new project or just learn more about CDP, please email or call.

Larry Nuzum, Managing Partner 


Larry Nuzum has over 35 years of design and construction experience. As the Director of Construction Administration and Quality Control for Chancey Design Partnership, Larry is challenged continually to raise the bar in all of the phases of a project from concept design through the completion of construction. He is responsible for managing projects including high-rise, health care, hospitality, commercial, and renovation projects and specializing in detailing and specifying building systems and the administration of construction contracts. 


Larry is responsible for managing projects including high-rise, senior living, healthcare, hospitality, muti-family, commercial, and renovation projects. As Director of Construction Administration, he is responsible for focusing attention on proper construction methods and practices.


Health care projects have been another focus in Larry’s career. He has a thorough knowledge of the special requirements of facilities utilizing MRI, CT and X-ray equipment. He has experience with surgical suites, diagnostic testing facilities, skilled nursing facilities, catheterization labs, assisted living facilities, memory care and other medical project types. He possesses a broad knowledge of the requirements and the detailed review process of the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).


 Larry continually stays up to date on over ten certification courses a year including subjects pertaining to professional liability, Florida Building Code, International Building Code, AIA construction courses and multi-family liability, among others. With so much specialized technical knowledge, Larry serves CDP as an in-house resource on The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFH), and international and Florida building codes including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing and life safety codes. 


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