Our Services

Architecture and Planning  


Chancey Design Partnership offers a wide range of services to meet each client's needs throughout the life of their project. From the initial assessment of a potential project site through that moment when they walk into their completed project for the first time, CDP tailors the service it provides to individual needs and preferences.


From the beginning, the architecture of Chancey Design Partnership has reflected the personal tastes of our individual clients. We approach the design process as a team effort that we guide but which is invariably led by the taste, style and personality of our clients. However, there is one CDP element that we always insist upon: highest quality.

Due Diligence Site Assessment


Before many of our clients make a final decision to purchase a property, we provide information needed to properly analyze and decide if the property has the potential to meet the client’s goals and aspirations. This is an important first step and can prevent a costly miscalculation of the anticipated project’s financial outcome.

Master Planning and Rezoning


We offer detailed master planning in coordination with landscape architecture and civil engineering. Project and site influences such as building location and massing, parking and traffic circulation, site set backs, buffering, view corridors, environmental preservation and open space requirements, amenities and phasing are all considered. If rezoning is required, we work in concert with other team members, including land use attorneys, in order to meet the program.  

Building Conceptualization and Themeing


When a project is a multiple building development, we conceptualize the organization and aesthetic of the primary buildings as a part of due diligence or master planning. We also conceptualize the architectural, landscape, and hardscape elements that tie the project together to create a cohesive community theme.

Schematic Design and Design Development


Schematic design is the initial investigation of design ideas with the client. Using a program that outlines the spatial objectives, planning, massing, and elevation, concepts are explored and refined.

Construction Documents


Construction documents are necessary for permitting and construction. During this phase, final decisions are made for all design work. Specifications that detail project materials and selections are developed and finished.

Construction Phase Services


CDP represents the client during the construction process to keep them informed and to help insure the timely and satisfactory completion of the work. Some of these services include recording project progress, answering contractor questions, assisting clients with construction decisions, and assuring that the project is built per the plans and specifications.

Green Building Certification

Chancey Design’s solution for each project includes careful consideration of the surrounding environment, energy and water efficiency, efficient use of materials for a durable result,  and provisions for creating and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.   

When the project goals also include 3rd party green certification (through LEED, NGBS, Green Globes, FGBC, etc.) CDP can help choose an appropriate certification program for the project and navigate the process from pre-design through the construction process.  CDP has several LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, as well as an NGBS Green Verifier specializing in green certification for large multifamily projects.